My favorite to-do app updates to reach perfection

For years I’ve looked for a “perfect” to-do application. Of course, a perfect one doesn’t exist, but there are so many to choose from that my baseline requirements are pretty well-defined at this point:

Native, cross-platform (iOS/Mac, web optional)
Notification support
Easy to create notifications, easy to […]

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Joining Pluralsight

I’m very happy to announce that I’ve joined Pluralsight as a instructor. I’ve been looking for an opportunity to teach programming topics, and Pluralsight will give me the opportunity to leapfrog audience size from a fairly small YouTube channel to 750,000 interested learners.

My first course will be on integrating payments with Ruby on Rails, using […]

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The best way to move to the Colemak keyboard layout

The original QWERTY keyboard layout is inefficient. It was developed in 1873 – originally for typewriters, but as newer technology was manufactured, it stuck as the layout of choice.. It’s been over a century and we’re still using it. This is because switching is really hard. It’s essentially the same as a piano player trying […]

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Some shorter-form content

It’s been a while since I wrote on this site. I’ve been busy, but not that busy. I just haven’t had anything of substantial length to write about. In the interest of keeping content coming more regularly, I’m going to begin writing more short-form content. I’m shooting for at least one a week. Hoping to […]

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Starting a new Rails application

Greenfielding a Rails application is an exciting process. That being said, all the ambition in the world can be halted or slowed down easily by bad tooling. In this post, I’ll talk a bit about some of my recommendations for building a new Rails app.

Whiteboard, whiteboard, whiteboard

A couple years ago, I was building a fairly […]

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Some thoughts on nipping burnout

I recognized, as I do about once a year, the symptoms of burnout coming on this last Friday afternoon.

Here’s the frustrating thing about burnout: it’s non-deterministic. It doesn’t wait for a slow week, and it isn’t afraid to strike when you’re doing good work. This last week I’ve been working on a fairly massive project, […]

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The Art of Taste Testing

I realized yesterday that I’m very cautious.

I was reading about standing desks. (Lifehacker has an infographic with some crazy stats – did you know that people with desk jobs have twice the rate of cardiovascular disease as people with standing jobs? Wow.)

There’s a lot of options when it comes to standing desks. One of my […]

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Reducing your image file size, the easy way

My current computer, a Retina iMac, takes pretty large screenshots. One I used for this site’s introductory post began at 527 kilobytes (almost half a megabyte) – according to Apple’s page on iTunes download times, a megabyte of data takes about a second to download over broadband. Have multiple images in your blog post? You […]

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Learning from demand

Finding value in surprising results

It was a little over a year and a half ago when I had a really great idea. I was sitting in my car in Seattle – my girlfriend was working and I had driven down with her. The drive was a couple of hours, but Seattle is my favorite city […]

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